Rubber Awards '11

It was a real honour to perform at Club Rubs Annual Rubber Awards '11 aboard the HMS President, working designs by the fabulous Queen Latex. performing a one off show specifically for Club Rub.

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A few shots from a very successful photoshoot with the talented girls of Katinka, Located in the home of The Late Night Shop:  Bow Road Arts.

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Go Guerrilla

Finally my breathtaking stepford housewife costume has arrived, now time to get working on my new piece where i will be bearing ALL in dedication to the fabulous Guerrilla Girls of the world!




Another Fantastic gig at TAA, such a brilliant project!



I am truely honoured to have this portrait done by Matteo Alfonsi as i am suchh a big fan of his work!

This portrait was especially done for an exhibition with the theme

"Martyrs" that will take place on Nov 2011 in London.
Saint Barbara is the patron saint of artillerymen, military engineers,
miners and others who work with explosives because of her old legend's
association with lightning.
She is invoked against thunder and lightning and all accidents arising
from explosions of gunpowder.
She is the patron of the Italian Navy and is also recognized as the
patron saint of U.S. Navy.
According to the hagiographies the whip used to torture her
miraculously became a peacock feather, so it became part of her

Thank you Matteo

The Late Night Shop

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Sneak peep at my recent performance 'Puppit, Fuckitt, Buckitt', Watch this space for details of upcoming gigs at Soho House, Dirty Dicks, Secret Garden Party .....and many more.